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Cowboy Steak

 Have ever seen the big Bone in Ribeye at the butcher counter and wondered how can I cook it? It is easier than you think. Best of all you get a dino rib as a bonus.

Prep Time:  10  Min

✔️ Bone in ribeye ✔️ Brown sugar ✔️ Garlic Powder ✔️ Onion Powder ✔️ Salt ✔️ Lemon Pepper ✔️ Paprika ✔️Dry mustard

Cook Time:  1  hour 15 min


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How to Reverse Sear a Steak

Season the Ribeye.

Cook until 115 degrees F.

Sear on each side

✔️ Tender  & Juicy ✔️ Easy Technique ✔️ Kid and Grown-Up Approved

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About 1 hour depending on the thickness of the Bone In Ribeye.

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How long to cook the    Angus Ribeye?

✔️ Tender ✔️ Easy Directions  ✔️ Perfect for Game Day, BBQ,  Get-Together

Serve with:

✔ Your Favorite  Baked Potato ✔ Smoked Potatoes ✔ Cheesy Garlic Bread

Ready  to get BBQ!!!

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