Quesadillas on the Griddle

The Kitchen Bucket List

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Quesadillas are a crowd favorite!!!  They are so easy and versatile. The combinations are endless, make them spicy or savory, cook from fresh or leftovers.

Cheese Quesadilla Steak Quesadilla Pizza Quesadillas Quesadilla Tacos

Quick and Easy  Directions:  

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Use your favorite fillings

Cook until golden then flip

Serve and Enjoy!


✔️ Flavors for everyone ✔️ The perfect appetizer for family and friends ✔️ Easy & delicious 

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✔️ Stopping at only one will be a challenge 

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✔️ Tortillas ✔️ Favorite cheese ✔️ Butter the tortillas for extra crispiness

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Cheese Quesadilla

Steak Quesadilla

✔️ Use leftover steak  ✔️ Mix your favorite cheese blend ✔️ Perfect Appetizer

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Pizza Quesadillas

✔️ Buttered tortillas ✔️ Marinara sauce ✔️ Mozarella ✔️ Pepperoni

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 Quesadilla Tacos

✔️ Buttered tortillas ✔️ Taco meat ✔️ Cheese

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Want to try it?

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