How to Season

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a Blackstone

"How to season a Blackstone griddle",  is absolutely necessary.  Seasoning is the process that changes the surface of the original steel to non-stick. It is done by smoothing, cleaning, and finally seasoning the steel by coating it with oil.

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How to season the Griddle


Paper Towels



Long Handle Tongs

Quick and Easy  Directions:  

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Gather what you will need

Clean & Season the Blackstone

You're done. Enjoy your first cook.

✔️ Creates a nonstick surface ✔️ Helps prevent corrosion ✔️Prevents scratches

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Pros and Cons of seasoning the griddle



✔️  Takes time

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Oil Water Sponge Paper Towels

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What do I need to season the Blackstone Griddle

Why do I need the buffing stone?

✔️ Even outs the surface  ✔️ Cleans the surface to perpare it for seasoning

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How do I know when I'm done?

When the middle is black and there is a golden ring around it that touches the sides. Don't worry about the corners. They  will turn black as you use it more. 

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Why do you grill onions as the final step?

Onions have sulfur compounds that aid in the final process of seasoning the griddle.

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Congratulation!  You did it!  Enjoy your first cook

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