Smoked Brats

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Smoked brats are tender on the inside, and slightly crisp on the outside. Every bite is packed with aromatics from the smoking wood of your choice.

✔️  Bratwursts


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Quick and Easy  Directions: Smoked Brats

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Smoke the Bratwurst

Rest for 15 minutes

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✔️ Crispy and Tender  ✔️ Perfect for Game Day or BBQ ✔️ Kid and Grown-Up Approved

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Smoked Brats

2 - 3 hours

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How long do I cook the Brats for?

✔️ Crispy & Tender ✔️ Easy Directions  ✔️ Perfect for Game Day, BBQ,  Get-Together

Serve with:

✔ Smoked potatoes ✔ Focaccia ✔ Cheesy Garlic Bread

Let's get Grilling

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