San Sebastian Cheesecake

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Silky and smooth, San Sebastian Cheesecake is an easy sweet treat. With no crust and no cracking to worry about, it is a breeze to make for any occasion. The texture is one of a kind with a buttery exterior and a hint of caramel in each bite.

✔️ Heavy cream ✔️ Eggs ✔️ Flour ✔️ Salt  ✔️Cream cheese ✔️ Sugar ✔️ Vanilla extract

San Sebastian Cheesecake  recipe directions: 

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Mix all the ingredients, then cook until done.

  Serve and Enjoy!

Gather your ingredients.

✔️ Silky and smooth ✔️ A buttery texture with a hint of caramel ✔️ Easy & delicious 

San Sebastian Cheesecake



✔️ Eating one piece. 

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Yes. This is why a San Sebastian  is less prone to cracking.

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Is it normal for the top to sink?

What makes this cheesecake so special?

The texture is light, smooth, and silky.

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How long can I store the Cheesecake?

You can store it up to 3 days in the fridge in an airtight container.

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Want to try it?

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