Pretzel Bites

in the air fryer

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Great news! Pretzel bites can be made at home in the air fryer for the  perfect treat. These bites are soft and chewy, but more importantly  simple and easy to make.

Prep Time:  15  Min

✔️ Flour  ✔️Water ✔️ Yeast ✔️Sugar ✔️ Salt

Cook Time:  7 minutes


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Quick and Easy  Directions: Pretzel Bites

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Step 1 Mix all ingredients in a stand up mixer

Step 2 Let the dough rise and scoop into balls. Dip them in baking soda bath

Step 3 Air Fryer at 390 degrees F for 7 minutes

Easy  Pretzel Bites

✔️ Soft and chewy ✔️ Kids-Approved ✔️ Perfect snack for movie night or your next get together. 

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Step 1

Mix all ingredients together in a mixer.

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Step 2

Let the dough rise and separate into balls.

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Step 3

Air Frye for 7 minutes or until nice and golden.

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Step 4

Cool on a rack and sprinkle with salt.

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Serve and Enjoy!

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