Funfetti Cookies

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You are going to devour these Funfetti Cookies. They have a perfectly crispy edge and a soft airy center. Better yet it is a big cookie, that is fit for a dessert all by itself.

Prep Time:  5 Min

✔️ Cake Mix ✔️ Sugar ✔️  Butter ✔️ Flour ✔️ Eggs ✔️ Funfetti ✔️ Chocolate Chips ✔️  Vanilla

Cook Time:  12 Min


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Quick and Easy  Directions: Funfetti Cookies

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Step 1 Mix all dry ingredients in a mixing bowl.

Step 2 Add dry ingredients to wet ingredient mixture.

Step 3 Scoop dough into balls. 

Funfetti Cookies

✔️ Simple Ingredients ✔️ Kids and Grown-Up Approved ✔️ Seriously Best Cookie Ever ✔️ Crisp edge, Soft center

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Step 1

Mix all dry ingredients, sprinkles and chocolate chips together.

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Step 2

Add dry ingredients to the egg mixture. 

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Step 3

Scoop the dough into balls

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Step 4

Place on cookie sheet and add the second dough ball.

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Serve and Enjoy!

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