Chicken Wings

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✔️ Crispy Chicken Wings done on the BBQ ✔️ Smoked to perfection ✔️ Savory and packed with flavors

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Crispy Chicken Wings

Only 4 Ingredients

Quick and Easy  Directions:  

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Only 4 ingredients

Season the chicken wings

Smoked on the BBQ

Smoked Crispy Chicken Wings

✔️ The perfect seasonging ✔️ Amazingly tender ✔️ Perfectly crispy chicken wings

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Pros and Cons of Crispy Smoked Chicken Wings



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Onion Salt Smoked Paprika  Chicken wings Cornstarch

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What do I need to make Crispy Smoked Chicken Wings

I don't care for smoked food. Can I still make this recipe

✔️ Don't use smoking wood chunks ✔️ Cook low and slow on BBQ, indirect method

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You use onion salt in the dry rub. Can I use garlic salt?

Oh Yeah! That is a great substitute 

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Why do you cook the wings to 195 degrees F.?

What I have found with chicken wings is you can take them to a higher temperature to break down the connective tissue. The fat level will keep them nice and tender without drying out.

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What do you think? Ready to cook some chicken wings?

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