Chicken Drumsticks

in the  air fryer

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Air Fryer Chicken Drumsticks with savory crispy skin will give you a bite that is tender and juicy.

Prep Time:  10 Min

✔️  Chicken Drumsticks ✔️ Olive Oil ✔️ Cornstarch ✔️ Onion Powder ✔️  Salt ✔️ Dry mustard ✔️  Smoked Paprika ✔️  Ground Pepper

Cook Time:  17 Min


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Quick and Easy  Directions: Chicken Drumsticks

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Step 1 Coat the chicken drumsticks with oil and seasonings

Step 2 Air Fry until nice and golden. Rotate halfway

Step 3 Serve and enjoy!

Chicken Drumsticks

✔️ Simple Ingredients ✔️ Kids and Grown-Up Approved ✔️ Perfect for quick and tasty dinner

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Step 1

Coat each drumsticks with oil and the seasonings

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Step 2

Air Fry for 17 minutes, rotate halfway through

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Step 3

Serve and Enjoy!

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What will you serve the chicken drumsticks with?

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