Caramelized Mushrooms

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Done on the outdoor griddle, Caramelized Mushrooms, are so easy to do. We add a pinch of garlic and some olive oil which gives a wonderful buttery and savory taste to the mushrooms.

Olive Oil Mushrooms Garlic Salt

Quick and Easy  Directions:  

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Season the Mushrooms

Cook until done

Serve and Enjoy!

Caramelized Mushrooms

✔️ Flavors for everyone ✔️ The perfect addition or appetizer to any meal ✔️ Easy & delicious 

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Caramelized Mushrooms



✔️ Stopping at only one will be a challenge 

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Caramelized Mushrooms are

✔️ Easy ✔️ Buttery ✔️Tasty Addition ✔️Savory Appetizer

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Serve along side

✔️ Flank Steak ✔️ Bone in Ribeye ✔️Smoked Sirloin Tip Roast

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Yes you can just make sure the mushrooms are fully cooled off and placed in an air tight bag.

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Can you Freeze the Mushrooms

Want to try them?

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