Brioche French Toast

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Easy ingredients, and simple directions, Brioche French Toast done on the griddle is ready to serve in no time. Cooked to a golden crisp you can add whatever topping makes you happy.

Brioche Bread  Eggs Milk Maple Syrup Cinnamon Vanilla 


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Quick and Easy  French Toast Directions: 

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Prep for the Brioche French Toast.

Grill until Golden.

Serve and Enjoy!

✔️ Ready in less then  10 minutes. ✔️ The Brioche Bread holds up to the mixture. ✔️ Unique cinnamon sweetness.

Brioche French Toast



✔️ Deciding what to top them with.

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Brioche French Toast is

✔️ Simple ✔️Easy ✔️Tasty

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You choose the Topping.

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✔️ Maple Syrup ✔️ Whipped Cream ✔️ Caramel Sauce

Yes! You can use another bread such as Hawaiian or French.

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Could I use another type of  bread?

Want to try it?

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